Windows Vista Solitaire

Windows Vista Solitaire 5.1

A version of the classic card game for Windows Vista
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Play the classic built-in card game for older Windows version on vista with renewed interface and graphics. The program includes full customization of visuals and gameplay: the card set, the background, suit, card size, shadow, the color of the card border are all modifiable.

Windows Vista Solitaire is created by Microsoft for Windows Vista. It is just the improved version of the old solitaire card game you have in Windows Operating System.
Solitaire is a card game. Cards are arranged in seven columns. The game object is to collect and stack all the cards in the order of alternating red and black colors, from the ace to the king.

Many cards are kept face up and face down. Those with face up, can be moved to stack with the correct order. Cards with face down are generally below the other cards and can only be viewed or flipped when we remove all the cards on its top.

At first, we try to stack the cards from King to the Ace with red-black alternatively in the seven columns. It is to try and view the cards that are faced down. After all the cards are unlocked, then we can stack all the cards from Ace to the King in 4 columns at the top, in the order of their suits, that is Diamond, Hearts, Clubs and Spades.

So at last, all the cards are stacked by their respective suits and we win the game.

There are a collection of cards that are not already stacked in the columns (at first, cards stacked in columns are not in order). We can select from that deck to add to the stack. The deck cards are displayed one at a time ("Draw One" option) or three at a time ("Draw Three" option), which we can set.

This is a good game. Vista Solitaire is improved by the visual details and graphics.

Windows Vista Solitaire comes with windows Vista and cannot be downloaded from anywhere.

Zack Martin
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  • Improved graphics
  • Tips" or "Hints" in gameplay
  • Can save game


  • Not much game improvements from its old version
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